How was the toy created ?

Thanks to one imaginative mom who was playing a game with her child.

Not understanding at first all the benefits she was bringing to her kid, she focused on the game that he loved, but as a result, she sparked his creative imagination.

The mom and her kid both created and visualized the stories, and those stories opened up new possibilities. From a passive listener, the kid grows into a participant, first by playing with figures, and when he is mature enough, by actively participating in generating stories as well. The mom told the stories so that her kid could fill them in or modify them. The next step was to give her kid a topic from which he would generate his story. After guiding him with questions or suggestions, the stories would become complete.

What happend exactly?

The mom developed her kid’s imagination through playing and, even more importantly, she developed it gradually.

Then they expanded the game and showed it to other kids. The game attracted more interest than they had imagined. Comments from friends, who are parents as well, revealed that they knew the advantages of this type of game and gave us a notion of how we should develop further.

The mom then decided to share her creativity and made her first copy of Wooden Stories. She chose wooden figures because it is a natural resource, and she wrote stories for those who wished for a creative, stimulating toy, far from the TV screen and/or tablet.

”The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination”, Albert Einstein

So, welcome to our world of imagination…

Book fair award 2019.